Friday, 28 July 2017

Dual citizenship

is not permitted for members of Downunder's federal parliament. Recently two Greens senators have had to quit because of this. Now there are questions over at least two more senators and up to twenty MPs altogether. 
There is also talk of the need to change sec 44 of the constitution - this being the section which bars dual citizens from becoming members of the federal parliament.  It is being said, "The same thing doesn't apply to state politicians why should it apply to federal politicians."
It is my understanding that one of the necessary qualifications to be President of the United States is not only to be a citizen of that country but to actually have been born there - even if you are brought up somewhere else. I wonder what the citizens of the United States would think if  they were suddenly told, "Look it doesn't matter where someone is born, they can be President. Oh and it doesn't matter if they can still hold a Ruritanian passport."
I rather think there might be objections.
Downunderites are being told just that. They are being told that it would be a good idea to change that section in the constitution so that, potentially, anyone can be Prime Minister.
The idea that anyone can aspire to be Prime Minister is surely a good one. The idea that you can be Prime Minister of one country and still hold not just a passport of that country but of another country  is a different idea entirely. A politician is elected to serve the people he represents, not citizens of another country. The Prime Minister is chosen to represent one country, and just one country. He should not hold two passports. His loyalty may be both stated  to  be and appear to be absolute but there will always be that little question, "If you had to choose, what would you choose?"
I went to a meeting yesterday and this issue came up in a different sort of way. The issue was resolved without me or the others involved having to make a decision about where our loyalties lay but I couldn't help thinking that the politicians in question in our "multi-cultural" society really need to think about this issue.

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