Thursday, 6 December 2018

Christmas shopping

and how many "sleeps"? I don't dare count.
I went shopping with Middle Cat yesterday. We went off to one of those large shopping centres...and actually managed to find a park. I suppose that was something.
We went because we knew there would be one of those "pop-up" type shops in the centre of one of the aisles and that it would be selling calendars. These are not just any calendars but a particular type - the sort where you tear off a page each day and, hopefully, laugh at the next caption or cartoon or joke. 
We prowled in from the car park, found a small shopping trolley abandoned by someone (in the wrong place) and took it with us. We went up two lots of "travelator" and nearly caused the elderly woman in front of us to fall over. No, it was not my fault. The elderly woman had simply stopped at the bottom and was digging into her purse. She was in the way. It meant the people behind us bumped into us as well. 
This is the sort of thing that puts me off completely but we continued on. We found the pop-up place. We bought the calendars for the people to whom the Senior Cat gives small gifts. Then Middle Cat said,
      "I need trousers for S...." 
My BIL hates shopping as much as I do but I trailed after Middle Cat. I stood there. I stared at the passing parade. I saw three people I know. 
No, nothing in that place...or that one...or that one. I suggest another place. We go in the wrong direction. Middle Cat asks at "information." We trail back. We stop for a drink on the way because Middle Cat has not had lunch. We find the other shop. I find a shirt for the Senior Cat - much needed and a very reasonable price.  Middle Cat finds trousers and a shirt for S... We buy them and I am thinking we might be able to go home. No. Middle Cat finds another present she needs and then sees something that "might be useful". I wait. I wait. I wait. I see two more people I know. This city really is a very small place.
       "I think we should go," Middle Cat tells me. I cheer silently and follow her. Stop. She is looking in a window. I wait again.
       "They are cheaper at..." someone tells her. 
We backtrack. I wait. Middle Cat comes back shaking her head and saying, "Similar but not quite the same and not such good quality."
We go back to the previous shop. I wait..
Middle Cat buys something. I must admit it is nice and it will suit the recipient. 
We get to the car and put things in the back. Middle Cat returns the trolley to the right place. We head home and into the house. It's hot and the Senior Cat hasn't been sure how to turn the cooling system on. I do it and wave Middle Cat off after she has consumed two glasses of water. All I want to do is flop on the mat and sleep.
I am going to finish my Christmas shopping by going to the local bookshop. It is so much simpler.

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