Saturday 8 December 2018

Moving house -

no, not us but our neighbours across the way.
They have been good neighbours, the very best we could hope for. Several years back they even insisted we come to Christmas dinner. (It was very hot and Middle Cat's Greek family was meeting a very long distance away. The Senior Cat and I were going to have a quiet day at home.)
Over the years V.... has shortened the Senior Cat's work trousers, invited us to both their 70th  birthday parties, to afternoon tea on several occasions. I have tried to return the hospitality - largely unsuccessfully. V.... likes to entertain. She knows I find it difficult. They have both checked on the Senior Cat if I have needed to be out for more than a few hours.
Yes. Those sort of neighbours. 
I have taken their bins in and collected their mail when they have been away on holiday. We have a key for their place - never used except by M.... when he locked himself out. They know how to access a key to our place. They are the third people on the emergency call list for the Senior Cat's security pendant.
We won't replace them easily. The young couple who live next to them are people we would trust as much but they aren't at home in the way V... and M... are home. 
But these things happen. They want to go "somewhere smaller". The duplex they live in is already small but V... wants something smaller still. 
What they have found would suit me nicely. It has two bedrooms. I could use one as my workroom. It is centrally located and within easy reach of the train station, the shopping centre (also a doctor and dentist) and the library.  Yes, I am a little envious - but only because I know I will need to move when the Senior Cat is no longer with us. It's something I don't want to happen.
I don't envy them having to pack and move even that short distance - and they don't have a shed full of tools and timber to pack or anything like the same number of books. 
I don't want them to move. It reminds me of the enormity of the task ahead of me when I need to move.
I started to clear some things out this year. I don't do New Year's resolutions -  but I might try to clear some more things out. 


jeanfromcornwall said...

"Clearing things out" is a very good way to go through everything and indulge in some memories. If you actully manage to weed out the non-keepers, that is a bonus. The only problem is finding the time, since it tends to take longer than you would have ever thought possible!

catdownunder said...

Now I wonder why you would say that Jean!:)