Saturday 29 December 2018

"You're complaining?"

"You're complaining because you don't have your work car to travel to and from work any more?"
Hang on. You used the car provided for work to travel to and from work?
This morning's newspaper report is that some "public servants" were upset because they were told they could no longer use their work cars to travel to and from work.  These pampered darlings  work for "Work Safe". They have apparently been given the privilege of taking their work cars home  - and unlimited use thereof as well.
I can remember about ten years ago I had a ride in one such car. It was used by someone who was working for the previous incarnation of "Work Safe". His wife was  using it that day. 
    "Oh, are you allowed to do that?" I asked. I was genuinely puzzled because it seemed so unlike both of them.
She laughed and said,
     "Yes. He could do it all the time. He's only doing it today because he used our car to do a long work trip and it needs a service. Don't worry. We're paying for the petrol."
As I thought, it was one of those "perks" he wasn't happy with at the time. It was one of the reasons he retired early. He didn't like the culture of entitlement.
I'd like to go and talk to those pampered pets throwing a tantrum about their toys being taken away from them. Most other public servants don't have the use of cars like that. 
Ms W's father uses the train. Several MPs I have known have, at least some of the time, used the train. So what makes these pampered individuals believe they are entitled to use their work cars? 
It isn't the nature of their work. 
I would like to tell them how, the last time the trains were out, I had an urgent call asking me if I could provide communication assistance for someone at the courts. I reminded the caller that the trains weren't running and said it might take me a little while to get there. Not to worry X would pick me up in his car. 
And, although he is a member of the judiciary, it was his car.  What is more I pedalled over to his home and left my trike there because the bus which would take me back leaves outside the courts in question and is no more than a 50 or 60m from his home. Would he normally have used his car? No. He catches the bus. That day he was going on to a court in the north when he had picked up some papers.
      "Sorry Cat. You could have had taxi vouchers," someone else told me. No, they weren't necessary. 
So, why do these other people need cars? Isn't it time to stop the culture of entitlement? 

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