Friday, 7 December 2018

Parliament was a mess

yesterday. It was the last sitting day of the year. Instead of getting things done and tidied up before going "home" for the holidays they were abusing one another again. 
There was legislation that needed to be passed and didn't get passed. There is legislation that will probably never be passed by this government but it will reappear in a slightly different form under the next government. They oppose it now but they know that they will need to do very much the same thing. 
I am going to endeavour to cease worrying about such things for now because it is time to start drawing up the calendar for next year.  Remember? I do one for the entire year on a large sheet of light cardboard.
Middle Cat said to me, "I've put some appointments on the 'fridge". (Our 'fridge is old enough that it is metal and you can still use magnets.) 
I know what she was really saying, "You lazy cat. You still haven't  made a new calendar and there are things that need to go on it."
Yes.  I know that. 
I looked at this year's calendar. There are actually blank days on that. When my mother was alive there were almost never blank days. She filled them with meetings, groups, visiting, visitors and baby sitting/child minding. Her "retirement" was as busy as her working life. 
The Senior Cat was busy too - although he spent more time in the garden and in the shed. He made things. He still does when he can.
Not that long ago he admitted to me that, even if he could, he would not want to do those things again. He's had enough of meetings and being the President of this and the Secretary of that or having to get things finished or having to entertain people my mother liked but who did not really interest him. I think he would have liked a slightly quieter retirement and more time in his beloved shed.
And I thought of all those politicians. Will some of them regret the time they spent in parliament? Do any of them feel they have "had enough" and move on? Has the job ceased to really interest them?
Could we possibly be rid of some of those who have been there for years but are really contributing very little?
Many groups have limits on the number of years people can hold positions within them. Perhaps it is time we limited the number of years people can sit in parliament? Would they then get on with the job?

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