Monday, 17 October 2022

My next moves as Prime Minister

would be to deal with issues like transport, agriculture, manufacturing, education and the arts.

Yes, I know you probably don't think the last one is even important but allow me to start with transport. I would have the transport industry up in arms and going on strike but I would expand the rail network and use it. Forget all those thousands of heavy vehicles using the road network and put goods on trains instead. No, don't give me the "but this is double handling" argument - that could employ people too. Put many more goods on trains and save a great deal of fuel, damage to roads, accidents and more. Revitalise the rural rail networks and use them to not just transport goods but as a tourist attraction.

There is the issue of public transport for people too. As PM I would be looking to dramatically increase the amount and use of public transport. I would make it much more difficult for people to simply walk a few metres to their cars (even their electric vehicles) and then drive to their work place. Using public transport may not be as "convenient" or "comfortable" but it could be efficient and the additional exercise of walking or cycling to a bus, train or tram station could be good for general health. I would also increase the number of cycle tracks in urban areas. All children would be taught to ride bicycles in schools and, on leaving primary school, would be expected to catch public transport or ride a bicycle to school. There would be no "student car parks". 

Agriculture is vital. As Prime Minister I would be talking to farmers about the changes needed so that we could feed ourselves. What do we need to grow more of? Should we be growing water heavy crops like rice and cotton? How can we grow more vegetables and make them worth something for the work involved? Local production needs to be expanded. There should also be reduced rates for people who can show they have a working, productive vegetable garden in their own back yards. 

Working with the forestry industry I would also introduce a massive tree planting program. The right types of trees would need to be planted in the right places. Some of this would be aimed at producing food for native wildlife as well as the human population. As part of this there would a program to encourage, as far as possible, the eradication of rabbits.  Programs like this could be used to train the young unemployed and provide them with jobs in forestry and related industries. 

All right C.... that's a start. I would like to know what you would do!


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gemma said...

I love your transport plan, would support it 100%. I also believe there should be a congestion tax and a tax on parking spots in cities, to encourage use of public transport. Keep this up Cat and you might get nominated for a parliamentary seat.