Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Evidence, evidence, evidence, I want evidence.

Would all those people who claim there is global warming or global cooling or global something else please provide me with some sound evidence of this? I do not want theories or modelling or claims based on carefully selected statistics. I want evidence based on rock solid, repeatable research that accurately predicts the future of the planet. What is more I want this evidence presented to me in plain English that can be readily understood by as many as possible.
I do not want political evidence. I do not want evidence from ‘experts’ with their own reputations to protect. I do not want to hear from people who say they ‘believe’ this or that or something else. I want evidence from someone who can tell me, without any doubt at all, that climate change is occurring and (more importantly) that it is occurring because of human activity and (even more importantly) that it can be reversed by human intervention.
I rather doubt any such evidence will be forthcoming. This is not because I am a climate change sceptic or that I do not believe human activity has done some harm to the planet. I think that is all too likely but I wonder whether that activity has actually had a global impact on the climate or whether the changes (if there are any) are natural or man made. If they do exist can they be reversed - and should they be reversed?
What is clear is that the Rudd government intends to use legislation related to presumed climate change to introduce a raft of legislation for which it believes it has a mandate. If they do not get that legislation passed then they will go for a double dissolution election.
What is also clear is that, presented with evidence rather than hysterical, inaccurate and nonsensical statistics about the way in which their plans will have an 0.03% 'positive' impact on the environment, many Australians may start to think twice given the likely economic and social impact.
I suggest it would make more sense to start planting more trees.


Rachel Fenton said...
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Rachel Fenton said...

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catdownunder said...

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