Monday, 17 August 2009

Two 'gentlemen' appeared at the door

after my father had gone to church yesterday. I do not know whether they deliberately waited until he had left. I hope so.
They were 'not happy' about my recent letter to the 'Tiser - the one about global warming. Fair enough. I did not expect everyone to agree. I told them they could write a letter to the 'Tiser and disagree. Someone else did.
It turned out to be a little more serious than that. These 'gentlemen' were 'advising (me) that such letters are inappropriate and unhelpful'. They are? I was only asking for some hard evidence. How can that be inappropriate and unhelpful?
I stood my ground. I told them to tell the 'Tiser if they do not want letters published. Apparently they cannot tell the 'Tiser but they can tell me. After all, they tell me quite reasonably, how do they know what the 'Tiser is going to choose to print?
How do they know what I am going to write?
We do not even agree to disagree. We disagree. They tell me to be more careful about what I write because it upsets people. It is meant to upset people. It is meant to shock them out of accepting every word coming out of the mouth of the Prime Minister and the Minister for Climate Change and the Ministers for Everything Else and those who are supposed to officially oppose them as well.
They leave - and yes the car they left in did have government number plates. I doubt that they had been officially asked to deal with me. They were almost certainly a couple of over zealous bully boys endeavouring to protect those quite capable of protecting themselves. It amuses me that they think any single letter could have that much impact on the general newspaper reading public.
I do wonder however what those two gentlemen will make of the very short letter in the 'Tiser this morning. It was not written by me but it congratulated me on writing the best letter so far this this year. Nice of the writer. I wish I could thank him. I do wonder though whether the writer will also get visit.


Rachel Fenton said...

Gosh, the plot thickens! Perhaps you should start carrying an umbrella with a pointy tip? But seriously - what's going on with the world?

catdownunder said...

In a word, power.