Thursday, 20 August 2009

Yesterday we did not get any papers.

This is not the first time. It will probably not be the last. The new paper delivery service is not efficient. There is only one available delivery service. I need to read the papers for my day job. I rang well before the appointed time for the 'missed delivery' round and asked for them to be delivered. They should have been here by 9:30 - getting late in the day for my work purposes. At 11.15 they still had not shown up. I rang again and was a little more terse in my comments to the answering machine. At 1.05 pm there is a 'phone call asking if I have the papers yet. No. I am going to the library to read them. They will be there 'in a few minutes'. I set off for the library at 2:15pm and return at 3:35pm (having skimmed both the 'Tiser and the Australian for the essentials) to see the paper delivery van coming around the corner.
We sympathised in the beginning. The new people were learning the round. Give them time. Now days of missed papers, constant 'phone calls and papers flung into the gutters or, once, as high as the carport roof (still wondering how they managed that one) are beginning to have a negative effect.
I know we are lucky there is a paper delivery service. What puzzles me is that they can deliver to the house across the street. They can deliver to the house next to us. They cannot deliver to us. It is clearly something to do with having also to do a U-turn at that point. It indicates that some men really cannot do more than one thing at once.
That made me wonder why the driver was also chatting on his mobile 'phone . It is illegal. It is illegal for a very good reason. It is dangerous. The danger does not stop people. Even when the police do pull someone over they rarely do more than reprimand. There is too much paperwork involved in a fine. Perhaps they should just have the power to take away the 'phone? On the first occasion they could tell someone, "You can come and get it in three days." If they offend again then it could be confiscated for evermore. Yes, the offender could go out and buy another one but it might be even more effective than a fine, especially with all the information some people apparently keep on their 'phones.

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