Sunday, 9 August 2009

We talked about books

when the knitters were here yesterday.
The little group is very varied in their intellectual interests. I am the only one who writes. Only two of us could be labelled 'keen' readers - rapid, enthusiastic and long waiting lists of things we want to read.
One of the others makes quilts and, rightly, says that occupation is not compatible with reading. Despite that she does seem to read quite a number of books in a year. Not many of them appear on that list I mentioned yesterday but she clearly enjoys good writing.
Another member of the group finished school at thirteen and English is her second language. It has not stopped her reading but she does find it more difficult and has admitted she keeps a dictionary to hand. I admire her determination to enjoy reading despite her difficulties. I suspect that she would read even more if she had been given the other educational opportunities she deserved - and was not expected to spend so much time running around after her grandchildren.
One other member of the group says she reads 'about a book a week or every ten days'. Certainly her ability to pun suggests she reads! She also does a range of other, exquisite craftwork,
The others say they are 'not readers'. They watch television. They cannot understand our fascination with reading. We cannot understand their fascination with sport and television soap-opera. One of them says, "But I just turn the telly on and knit."
Well, at least three of us turn on a page and knit too. I like the accompanying silence.

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Tea is still tea, whether you take it with milk or lemon.