Monday, 23 November 2009

"Blogging should be banned.

It is selfish and self indulgent. It clutters up the internet and allows idiots like you to make downright stupid and dangerous remarks about things you know nothing about."

Oh. I suppose it had to happen sometime. Someone does not like my blog. There are probably a lot of people who do not like my blog. They pass me by. That's their right. Nobody said you had to read my ramblings. Not many people do. I do not write "Help I need a publisher" or "How publishing really works" or even the occasional ramblings from the Fidra crew (It is Vanessa's fault that I have a blog and she does not even bother to read it.) I do read a few blogs that do not appear on my list. They would appear on my list if I could work out how to make them appear. I am not technologically minded.
Nicola Morgan says you should write for the reader. Well, yes if you want to be published by someone else. Perhaps that is the problem with blogs. You publish yourself. You can say what you like. But, I am conscious that someone else might read it, anyone at all. I try to be responsible.
There are things I do not bother to talk about. I could turn it into a "life with a disability" blog but, why bother? I would not find that interesting or challenging. I imagine there are plenty of those out there but I have never bothered to look. I don't bother with most of what I am reading. There are plenty of people who do that better than I will ever be able to do it. I do not bother with what we eat or drink or what I am knitting or...well, most things. I do not talk about certain of my friends, particularly my young friends. That's a safety issue. I know one of them reads this. She keeps me up to mark but, on the whole, she does not wish to see herself here.
Mm...well then what do I blog about?
Do I need a focus for my blog? Should I stop rambling on? Should I start to blog about a specific topic? Should I stop blogging about things that interest me? Am I being madly selfish and self indulgent?
The problem is that I am getting rather addicted to this little challenge. Now, what can I blog about this morning? What happened yesterday that someone might find interesting? What happened that I want to remember? How did I feel about it? Is is possible to make someone else feel a similar way? Can I make someone purr with pleasure or can I give them something to think about? Should I get political? Where am I going with this thing? A year is coming up fast. I gave myself a year. Should I stop at the end of it?
Hmmm...blogging should be banned? No, I do not agree with that. I have made new cyber-friends. I think I would like them in real life as well.
Blogging is selfish and self-indulgent? Well, it could be but, when I write something, I like to try and give a potential a reader a picture or an idea. I want to give them something to enjoy or to think about.
It clutters up the internet? A lot of things clutter up the internet. The internet is one big advertising screen most of which is to be avoided by the likes of me. The Blogosphere is a minute part of the internet but probably the most interesting part.
It allows idiotic people like me to make downright stupid and dangerous remarks about things we know nothing about? I try not to make stupid and dangerous remarks about things I know nothing about. I actually try not to make stupid and dangerous remarks. I try not to present my thoughts as fact. Perhaps I should be more controversial? No, that could spread more than cat hairs across the blog. I don't mind cat hairs. I do not want blood.
Hmmm....I think the speaker disagrees with my politics. I happen to know he is a radical left-winger. He is a member of the left leaning politicial party in Australia and, even within that, he is regarded as left of left. If he is not careful he may get left behind.
If you have reached this point, please leave a cat hair. I think I am going somewhere but I need to know where I am going.


Adelaide Dupont said...

I think the blogosphere is the most interesting part of the Internet too. It's a wonder why I don't use it more than I do.

It would be like stopping writing letters to the newspapers.

Donna Hosie said...

Good heavens. Well, you know what they say: when you start pissing people off, you must be doing something right!

Please keep on blogging. You are the only cat I am not allergic to.

catdownunder said...

Oh, miaou! Thankyou. I prefurr it when humans purr!

Rachel Fenton said...

Oh, fur goodness sakes! Well, so long as you blog, I shall read you. As for "blogging should be banned"...if thine eye offends daft! There's a difference between being a left-winger and a left-whinger!

Holly said...

Ah, yes. You have accomplished exactly what you set out to do. You made this poor person think. How uncomfortable for him and how pleasing to the rest of us.

The fact that he is not happy and does not agree makes the point completely.

It is cream for you today Ms Cat.

catdownunder said...

Oh purr Ms Holly!

Virtual Quilter said...

Purhaps the left winger doesn't know to scroll past stuff he doesn't approve of so his fur gets ruffled.
I enjoy your ramblings so please don't stop!
Judy B

catdownunder said...

Well I did say I liked stirring up discussion Jusy! I might get fond enough of my mewsings....