Friday, 6 November 2009

Yes, I will get there!

Yesterday was a mad rush from start to finish. We had plenty of helpers on our display at the craft fair so I found myself 'running' between the two stalls selling yarn. Like most cats I am more than happy to play with yarn so this was no real hardship.
It is a good feeling to actually be able to help someone. I feel no pressure to sell them anything. The stall holders do not expect me to do that. They just like me to purr nicely and answer questions.
I did not get much knitting done but I did not expect to. I have to start thinking about what to do with 500m of lace weight linen. It looks interesting but I do not think it will be an easy knit. Now what would you do with it?

1 comment:

Rachel Fenton said...

I'd weigh down 500 metres of lace with it :)