Monday, 9 November 2009

There was a cartoon in our state newspaper

some years ago showing a small man huddled over the fires of hell and shivering violently. Two more men were in the distance. One was saying to the other, "Where does he come from?" The answer was "South Australia. It gets really hot there."
It will be that sort of week. The forecast is for even hotter weather each time I look. It is currently forecast to be a mere 39'C for two days this week. (Over 100'C for you lucky northerners heading into winter.)
I detest the heat. I do not like summer. I did not like summer as a child. I like it even less as an adult. If I could move to a cooler climate I would. This last winter was so warm that winter woollens barely got a look in. I was not happy cat.
It is not just that knitting is my hobby. (No, writing is not a hobby. It is a compulsion. There IS a difference.) It is a matter of my physical comfort zone. If climate change exists then I am going to need to be a climate change refugee. I will swap with someone who loves the heat. I want it to be cool enough to sleep at night.
I now have something to keep me amused in the 'wee sma' hours' of the morning for a few nights at least. Yesterday I was sent a link from someone I know. He has retired from his position as a Professor of Spanish at Liverpool University in the UK and begun a second part-time career as a disc jockey on Vintage Radio. He is heading up Roger Wright's Music Show on three Thursdays in November. Check out the times for your part of the world at: and let him know what you think of it.
Yesterday? Ah yesterday was good. The air conditioning in the craft fair pavilion managed to cope despite the heat. Yarn was bought. I handed out, hopefully, useful advice. I have a design commission from both yarn stall holders. Now, if it would just cool down enough to knit....

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Rachel Fenton said...

I don't like the hot either. I stay indoors as much as I can during the day in the summer. I am a person who likes to be warm in the winter though...never satisfied. I think mostly it is because I like to be snuggled in lots of wooly layers - not a practical get-up for summer!