Saturday, 21 November 2009

I have spent the past week battling

the common cold. I rarely get such things. I do not make a good patient. I am impatient. I have endured the sneezing, the headache, the stuffy nose etc - and I am still enduring the coughing. No, I do not have whooping cough. I merely have a rotten cold with a touch of bronchitis. It somehow feels worse in the heat.
"Go to the doctor" I am told. Why? The doctor would tell me to go away and stop spreading my germ laden paws over humans. Antibiotics would not solve the problem. My doctor avoids prescribing antibiotics wherever possible anyway.
I know I will recover - although I wish I felt a little more energetic right now. Yes, I told you, I am impatient. I do not make a good patient.
But, there has to be an up side to all of this. Well yes. Work has hit a fairly quiet period. I spent part of yesterday afternoon lying on the bed with book in hand. I almost fell asleep. A siesta? I could get used to the idea.


Tony said...

Just woken up after a long nap (possible only because of my daughter's having a siesta for the first time in two weeks). Naps are great, and GPs are overrated - unless you require certification for work purposes...

Tony said...

P.S. Get well soon ;)

catdownunder said... GP is 'nice' but we have an unspoken agreement about treating me as if I have some ability to understand 'medicalese'.