Monday, 14 December 2009


I think the word is 'arcane'. The inner workings of a computer are beyond me. I am the 'switch it on, point the mouse, stroke the keys' type of user. I can do some searching. I have even downloaded and uploaded things. (Yes I did put that picture of me sitting on the bookstack there all by myself. I thought that was pretty darn clever for a cat.)
BUT I do not understand computers. My BIL knows a great deal more. He took time out yesterday and he has this sulking animal limping along at present. What he did is beyond me. He brought up things on the screen that I have never seen before. He tells me this is telling him about the inner workings of the computer. I apparently have plenty of 'storage space' left on it so that is not a problem. It is never likely to be. I do not download music or movies. Dictionaries do not take up the same sort of space apparently. They are 'just words' according to some people. (I disagree strongly.)
Now, dear readers, do you understand the inner workings of these machines? Do you understand the inner workings of all the other things you use on a daily basis? Do you know how a power plant works, how it delivers the electricity that allows us to use the machines? You probably have far more idea than me.
I come to the conclusion that there is more and more I do not know.


Anonymous said...

The only electric appliance I have ever bought which came with details of HOW it worked was my first microwave. Most come with instructions for using it, and I figure that is all I need to know.
I also haven't studied medicine, so I go to a doctor, and I don't do plumbing either ......... I have my special subjects which most doctors, plumbers and electricians know nothing about.
As for computers, I know how to do some of the things I want to do on it, and can work out most things I find I need to know ........... how it works, I have no idea! I suspect it is a very specialised area of electronics ..... or something!
Judy B

Redleg said...

This reminds me of Mostly Harmless. Being from earth, when Arthur Dent crash lands on a primitive world he thinks he can teach the locals something. But of course, he doesn't know how to make a watch or a car, just how to use them. And the only thing he actually can make is a sandwich, so he becomes the tribe's hallowed Sandwich Maker.