Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Living back to front

is one thing, living upside down is another. Living inside out is something else. I live back to front because of being, among other things, sort of left-handed. I live upside down (in Australia). I live inside out because I (try to) write.

I gave up on the actual physical writing yesterday and went off to the post office. I posted a little packet - and forgot to get stamps for the overseas Christmas letters because I was too busy trying to fill out the customs form. Sometimes the staff, who know me, are nice and do such things for me but there were just too many people around yesterday. It is just as well I only had to put 'pen' in the description of the contents.

While I was there I was bailed up by someone I know. He wanted to write a letter to the 'Tiser he told me. What he really wanted was for me to dictate a letter to him which he would then send. I have occasionally done this for people I know to be lacking in word confidence. I never write the entire letter, just help them sort their ideas out and, occasionally, add a phrase or two or even a paragraph. He does not lack word confidence. He does not need any help from me. His letters do not get published because they are too long. Letters to the 'Tiser need to be short, especially since they changed the format of the Letters to the Editor page. I might live back to front but he thinks back to front.

The upside down part of my life came to a head when I realised that I would need to be up at 5am this morning in order to participate in an evening discussion being held yesterday in Europe. It is always an odd sensation to realise that other people have not yet gone to bed for the night from which you have just risen,

I did not get to putting any of the inside out bit into a written format. It has remained inside my head. I spent the afternoon comfortably making shortbread. It needs to be packed into little cellophane bags today so that my father can take it with him to a small, informal Christmas dinner tonight. The afternoon was not wasted however as I think I have a solution to a problem. I need to check something and that cannot be done until later today.

The rest of the inside-out bit continues to be uncomfortable. How do you survive in a vacuum?


Rachel Fenton said...

Suck it up: that's what my aunt says, then get on with it, which, despite your inside - up - down and out - ness, you are doing remarkably well!

catdownunder said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I will get my fur back in place!

Donna Hosie said...

I'm with Rachel; I think you are doing remarkably well also. I do sympathise with the time zone problem though. Many a time I have been prepared for a skype conference at 2am!

catdownunder said...

My brother and BIL offered to set me up with skype for conference sessions and I declined - people might think I am available 24/7 and I want to sleep sometimes! How do you do it AND look after children?

Donna Hosie said...

It's very easy: I use skype on my own terms. I never, ever have my status as "online" and I choose to chat when I have time. I've been using skype since 2005 and it is invaluable - but when I want it!

Kate said...

I have to agree with the suck it up comment. Wish you lots of luck and am sure you can do it.

Kate xxx