Friday, 11 December 2009

I may or may not get this written

My computer is sulking. It has to be coaxed along. I am not sure why. I have been kind to it. I talk to it nicely but it is still not wanting to play. Blog posts may not get written. Not a disaster for anyone still reading this. (There are twelve brave souls who publicly admit to following this. I know there are more who do not admit to it. I get e-mail from you!) So, not a disaster for you.... but definitely a disaster for me. It is the other blogs. It is the information in this computer. I was planning on doing a back up later today. I have some new dictionaries down loaded. I cannot lose those.
I know. I know. I know. I used to manage without a computer. Having a computer has made me lazy. I keep things I should not keep. I am less organised. The computer is like a messy office. I need to deal with it.
Before that I have to go and have one of those fasting blood tests. I dislike these intensely. I am, unlike many people, a "needs breakfast in order to function" person. Bah, humbug - and a liberal sprinkling of cat hair.
I am actually feeling a little anxious. I do not want my computer breaking down entirely over the holiday period. I do have a computer repair fund because it is a vital link for my work but....
I think I had better do a back up RIGHT NOW!


virtualquilter said...

Inside my computer is a mess too, just like inside my sewing room.

The difference is that in my sewing room I can see it is a mess, and I can often see exactly what I want peeping out from under seven other bits of stuff.

Judy B

Redleg said...

*Should be amended to read twelve proud followers.

catdownunder said...

Oh, thankyou! I am never sure whether people are reading it or not. Doing this has been a strange experience - but also been a wonderful learning experience.

Rachel Fenton said...

Virtual quilter has a sewing room! I don't even have a dining room, let alone a writing room! I am going wrong somewhere, clearly...I find my pc responds well to a light hoovering!