Monday, 21 December 2009

I really thought

that there might be at least one irate comment awaiting me this morning. Perhaps I should not have put that blog post up yesterday. It was Sunday, and the Sunday before Christmas at that. Most people were probably too busy doing Christmas shopping and baking to even think about blogs. I would not have done except that I made a pact with myself that the blog had to be done each day. Discipline. It makes me write something.
I know I do not always write as well as I should. I wonder sometimes what on earth I can write about. This is not because I have nothing to say. Most people would say I have far too much to say. They ignore me - probably rightly so.
Yesterday something unexpected happened. The parcel delivery service left two parcels for me.
I was not expecting either of them. It was a Sunday. I rather think that the postal strike elsewhere has disrupted deliveries. These people have a contract to deliver and "Ev" who is in charge of the team in our area decided to do Sunday. Her husband was the one who left the parcels. We know Ev quite well. She has been known to arrive at the front door on a very hot day with a parcel in one hand and her empty water bottle in the other. Rightly so too. It is no fun delivering parcels in the heat.
The parcels contain Christmas gifts for me and my father - not to be opened until Christmas Day. I have put them with the little pile of books we are giving immediate family. We do not give big presents or presents in a big way.
And that gets me back to the blog. I usually send a small calendar to an author friend in the US. She finds Australiana fascinating. This year I asked her if there was any specific theme she would like. The reply came back as the ultimate compliment, " A Catdownunder calendar?"
I will have to see what I can do.

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Rachel Fenton said...

You seem disappointed, so, just for you, here's my irate comment..."rah, rah, rah, bloggy blog irateness, rant ranty ants in my pantsy rant, blargh"..there, I am extringed. Thank you.
Merry week of December to you and yours and anything with paws.