Wednesday, 30 December 2009

There is today and there is tomorrow

before I need to decide on New Year's resolutions. Do I make some? Do I not make some? Should I make a resolution not to make resolutions?
What do I want to make resolutions about? (This is assuming I make some.) Is it a resolution to say I will do things I have undertaken to do or do resolutions have to be about something new?
Should I aim to read a page of the Shorter Oxford Dictionary each day? I would learn some new words. Is that cheating? I like dictionaries. Resolutions should really be about something uncomfortable or new or different.
What if I try to read one new author each month? But how would I choose which book to read? Ideally I should try to read something I would not usually read. The problem is that the pile of things I want to read is getting larger not smaller. (That book stack I am sitting on is very unstable. I am in danger of falling off and doing myself a serious injury from a great height. Cats do not always land on all four paws.)
I will finish writing the current book. No, that is not a resolution. That is something I must do.
I will write the third book about the same characters. No, that is not really a resolution. It is something I want to do, indeed must do if I can.
A resolution should surely be about something one does not really want to do but should do. I could give up smoking but I do not smoke. I have never smoked. I could give up drinking - alcohol that is - but I do do not drink alcohol.
I should try to lose weight but that is not a resolution. That is an health issue.
I will keep the little library I am responsible for tidy? No, that is part of the role of being the librarian.
I will not buy any more knitting supplies? What? I might need them!
Would it just be easier to make a resolution about not making resolutions?
I will have to think about....after all, I have today and tomorrow to be resolute about this.

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Rachel Fenton said...

And, dependant on hemispherical time allowances, you have today, tomorrow and yesterday!

Last year my resolution was to get published and get an agent - I got a couple of stories online (does that count for one of them?). Must try harder!

Resolutions, like rules are good for one thing - it's the nearest to being a rebel I can get!

I'll toast the New Year to you, Cat, with OJ of course - I don't drink either!

To endless possibilities and unwavering determination!