Monday, 14 November 2016

Another earthquake in New Zealand

is something they really could do without. I am sitting here waiting to hear from friends in New Zealand. I think one is safe - she posted something on Facebook a short time ago and Auckland wasn't the epicentre. I also have a good friend who lives in Dunedin. When she moved there her brother insisted she buy a house designed to withstand at least moderate earthquakes. This was a big one.
I don't know about the people I know in Christchurch. I'm not in regular touch with them but their mother will probably tell me when she sees me...because her son could have been working in the middle of the area hit.
Now I am waiting for one of those "cards" to appear in our letter box from one of the local doomsday type churches. It will tell me that the presidential election in America, the problems in the Middle East, the earthquakes in Italy and New Zealand, and more are all a sign of "the coming". It will not be the first such card. It may not be the last. I wonder whether they will also distribute them in New Zealand? What would someone think if one appeared in a letter box that had fallen over outside the ruins of their home?
I don't doubt that the people who distribute such things believe them. I don't doubt that they also believe they are doing the right thing. But, is it? Does it give comfort or cause more distress?
I am more interested in distributing a little love and concern

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