Thursday, 10 November 2016

I wanted to see Trump

lose. It didn't happen. The Senior Cat actually said, "Hell!" I can remember the last time he "swore". The word was "blast" and, in the circumstances, it was pretty mild.
I don't swear either but I said "hell" too. I had kept the Twitter feed off until around noon our time and tried to do some work. Then I gave in and looked - and it wasn't looking good.
I'll admit I had worries about Clinton too. There were times when, as Secretary of State, she seemed out of her depth. I worried then but at least her presidential policies seemed to be going in a direction with which I felt more comfortable. 
At the time she was nominated though I wondered whether she was the best candidate. There was something about Bernie Sanders that I liked. People said he was "too old" and even expressed some concern about his policies being too far left. A Sanders-Clinton team might have won. A Sanders-Warren team might too. 
It has to be admitted that Clinton came with "baggage". The e-mail issue would not have gone away. There are questions hanging over "the Clinton foundation" and more. 
But Clinton had been a senator. She knows how Congress works, how government works.  It's not like business.
Perhaps though we should all have been warned by the Brexit vote. People didn't get out and vote then. Almost half of all eligible voters didn't get out and vote in America. 
Those who did get out and vote were all too often people who felt others weren't listening to their concerns. I suspect many of them would consider themselves to be "ordinary" people, people concerned about their jobs, education, health and the future of their children. They voted according to what they believe the solutions to be - and what they want for the future. 
It seems the Republicans will also control Congress. That will make it easier to get legislation passed - some people are saying "too easy".  
Some will say that if the FBI had not raised the e-mail issue again so close to the election then Clinton would have won. Some will say the media made an error of judgment in making such a fuss about that and so much else. There will be "analysis" and soul searching and more.
Here in Downunder we need to learn from that. We need to encourage people to speak up about their concerns, their fears and more. We need to listen and not merely "reassure" but actually address those issues.
America, I think you made a mistake - but perhaps we can learn from it. 

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