Friday, 18 November 2016

We are being invaded

today. It will be a long weekend - with the Senior Cat's great-grandchildren. 
There are five of them. The eldest is not yet eight. The youngest is just two. 
I am prepared. I have ammunition! 
I prowled into the local "cheap" shop. You know the sort of place I mean. They sell all sorts of "junk" and left overs and rejects and just plain "cheap" stuff.  
I rarely go there but  they can be useful - for things like cheap cards and wrapping paper for children and glue sticks and plastic boxes and more. 
This time I went hunting for paper bags -  the big brown sort with handles. Ah...two packs of three. 
I added five small packs of coloured pencils - in a useful container with a sharpener built into the top. Then I searched the colouring books. Most of them were dreadful but I did manage to find five four about a building site and another about emergency vehicles. I added a large blank book "for drawing in" and a small book of stickers with animal themes for each child. 
I searched a little further and found some packs of coloured plastic plates, cups, bowls and cutlery. There were six different colours in each one...good. I made up a set for each child. There's even a spare!
Mmm...great aunt's privilege comes next - one small packet of "healthy" sultanas and two tiny packets of less healthy Maltesers - left over from Halloween.  I'll add some biscuits to the "snack pack" today. They can leave the crumbs in the cars they are hiring to get them around. 
There's a big pile of picture books ready for reading. There's chalk to go and draw on the driveway. (That washes off again.) 
What else do I need?
Will it keep them occupied for ten minutes?
Taking them to the adventure playground tomorrow seems like a good idea...and it won't be me who does that! 


jeanfromcornwall said...

I think you must be about as prepared as a person can be!

Anonymous said...

I think I would have liked you to be my great aunt ... only one of mine on one side of the family didn't scare me! And they certainly never made up packs of fun for us!

catdownunder said...

it shut them up for about five minutes but occupied them for quite a while Jean!
Some of my great aunts alarmed me too Judy!