Wednesday, 9 November 2016

I really feel tempted to turn my Twitter feed

off today. If I do that then I will not need to endure the drip feed of "results" from the election in the USofA. So far my prediction of the outcome would appear to be correct.
But that is not what bothers me. It bothers me that, whichever way this goes, the result is not going to be popular.
I remember the election eight years ago. The Senior Cat and I were both interested. We wanted Obama to win - and he did. There were people who didn't like it of course but the contest was more the usual  sort of political contest.
This one has been bitter and divisive and the results may well end up being the same. The media, particularly social media, has a lot to answer for.
In this state the Ombudsman has just ruled that prisoners should be able to write letters to a social media site which supports victims. The advocates of victims have not been impressed by that ruling - understandably. I don't like the idea myself. Letters from prisoners are rarely polite, supportive and well written. All too many of them, if they can write at all, have problems putting a sentence together. They can't spell. They cannot formulate ideas. Their language can be vile. What they have to say is often extremely distressing for the victims. 
Politics is often not much better. The further you go left or right the more likely it is that the language will get extreme and the thoughts confused. There are also "catchy" three and four word slogans designed to appeal - but which really say very little.
And today there will be all sorts of 140 character long comments. There will be links to analysis and discussion. I can guess what the readers from various stables will be saying  - after all, I do try to read across the political spectrum. I like to think I sit somewhere in the middle and listen to all sides and then make up my own mind.
But, it is getting more difficult as more people rush in to comment without thinking.
So, perhaps today I should turn the Twitter feed off? No - work might come in that way. I hope there is a way of just seeing the direct messages. If there is then that's the answer.
I am off to investigate. Good luck America.

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