Tuesday, 8 November 2016

I am expecting Clinton to

win tomorrow. I also wonder whether she will last a full term. Will she be a popular President? Will she be forced out due to ill-health or be assassinated? How will she cope under the pressure of being the President?
All those questions matter of course. What would Kaine be like if he had to take over?
I had to go to a meeting yesterday. Although no time was wasted it was a lengthy affair. The most controversial topic on the agenda was whether the "golliwogs" should be allowed to remain as a class of their own in the schedule under consideration. I have written about this elsewhere. The general opinion was that we should give in to "political correctness" rather than try and educate people about the real history of golliwogs. 
Then I heard someone behind me mutter "the Americans are giving in to political correctness anyway". Is that what choosing a woman was about? If so, was it really necessary?
There have probably been more female leaders than many people want to remember. They want to ignore the fact that the United Kingdom, Israel, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and more have all had female leaders. Germany has a formidable one and the UK has a new one. We even managed it for a while here in Downunder and across the pond in New Zealand.
All those women made their mark. It doesn't matter here whether we agreed with their policies or not. They reached the political top in their country.
Toss in a couple of women in other top positions in the world economy and yes, women can get there and get things done. I suspect that they can be even more demanding to work for than most men.
Yes, the United States of America is big and powerful but it won't be the first country in the world to have had a female leader. Perhaps it is time to stop making a fuss about that and just see if the candidate can do the job?

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