Thursday, 17 November 2016

There was a wman wearing an hijab

outside the local charity shop. She was looking at a small table which had been placed there for sale.
I was a little further down the road talking to someone who has not been well. A man, in his thirties perhaps, walked past us and stopped when he reached the woman wearing the hijab. 
I won't try and repeat his tirade here. Nobody needs to read that sort of thing. It amounted to "you have no business to be shopping here. You aren't a Christian. You should go back to where you came from."
I excused myself from the person I had been talking to and went up, phone in hand.
      "Excuse me, would you like me to call the police?"
I said this not to the woman but the man having a go at her. I must have looked as angry as I felt. He swore at me as well but moved on - rather rapidly.
The local charity shop is run by a Catholic organisation. Anyone is welcome to use it. I know most of the volunteer staff by name. They would be as horrified as I was.
I turned to the woman who was still standing there staring after him in a bewildered sort of way.
     "Have you got time to come and have tea or coffee with me?" I asked.
She gave me a rather shaky smile and said quietly, "I'm due at the doctor in a few minutes."
"Then may I go over there with you? I'm going that way."
"Thank you."
We didn't say anything else. It's just a walk to the corner and across the road to the surgery. When we reached the point where we had to part she looked at me and again said, "Thank you."
I hope her blood pressure was back to a normal level when the doctor took it - because mine wasn't.


kristieinbc said...

Well done you! Not many people would have had the courage to challenge that abusive man. Cheering you on from Canada!

Anonymous said...

Well done, Cat!

Amazing what sharp claws will achieve when used to attack bullies.

kayT said...

I'm glad you were there for her.

catdownunder said...

thanks all - I wasn't sure it was right to interfere but....