Tuesday, 11 April 2017

"Her throat is very sore"

That was part of an email message to me yesterday. It was from a friend in the US about another friend in the US. In it she had told me that our mutual friend was recovering from surgery.
I knew nothing about this. M.... is a good friend, a very good friend. She is not just my friend but one of those loving and supportive and generous people the world needs more of and is, sadly, not likely to find too often.
I didn't say anything to the Senior Cat because I didn't know what was wrong. I sent messages back and asked.
And then, in the post, came the most wonderful book for me - as a "very belated birthday present". It's a book about knitting - and texture, and colour, and much more. It is a book I have  looked at and felt I could never justify buying. And yes, it came from two of the wonderful group who live in Virginia and beyond.  M.... must have posted it a little while back - knowing that she would be going in for surgery and not telling me. Typical.
I also told A... the mother of one of "the Mob". The Mob are a group of students with physical disabilities. I met them years ago through my late friend Margaret. Margaret lived in a hospital. It was the only way they could cope with her many medical issues. She was one of the most useful "volunteers" they had. Every day they would settle her into an electric wheelchair and hand over her knitting and she would go and "hold the hand" of a patient who needed someone to "just be there". She met the entire Mob over that time. She taught them to knit. She introduced them to each other. They have gone on meeting and knitting - three boys, two girls - and giving back what she gave them.  And our friend M.... in the US has sent "care packages" to them...magazines and yarn. They have used every scrap - the youngest of them makes a lot of finger puppets and really does use the last few centimetres of everything. It's good. 
A.... will get word around to the Mob today. They are meeting over Easter but this is news they won't want to wait for. This is about a friend and knitting buddy.
And they will be cross because she didn't tell us. I know. She didn't want to worry us....but what are friends for?
M.... I know you will get around to reading this. We love you and we are thinking of you. 

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