Thursday, 6 April 2017

I have no time for Pauline Hanson

or her "One Nation" party.
That said I also have no time for the media bias against her. It is one thing to criticise, especially where criticism is justified. It is another to "create" news in order to criticise. Does the desired end of Pauline Hanson justify the attempted means of getting rid of her? No.
It would be much simpler not to give her any media oxygen. Parties like hers thrive on it. Currently she has around 10% support nationally. That's disturbing. 
That support is being fuelled by the media. Those who support her are simply becoming more committed. Some of those who don't support her are becoming more strident. The media is supporting the division and the arguments. Wouldn't it be better to simply stop? 
I know. It wouldn't be news. Too bad.
The media has also helped to halt a visit by Ayaan Hirsi Ali too. I have yet to read one of her books. There is one sitting in the "to be read" pile. I'll make up my mind about her after I have done the necessary research. Whatever I may end up thinking though I wonder at the support given to those opposing her visit. Is she really that dangerous? 
If the media is to be believed then both left and right think this woman is dangerous - or is it perhaps that not criticising her is dangerous?
Is not criticising Pauline Hanson also considered dangerous? Is it the same for Marine Le Pen? 
Former PM Julia Gillard came in for plenty of criticism. The current British PM comes in for plenty. The First Minister of Scotland does too. 
I wonder what the media is doing here? Do they actually know?

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