Wednesday, 5 April 2017

So now we have a chiropractor

being taken to court for treating animals.
I find this hard to believe...or do I?
Let it be said here that I would not personally allow a chiropractor anywhere near my spine - or any other part of me. I also know there are other people who swear by them.
Middle Cat is a physiotherapist by profession and I have largely avoided her ministrations as well. (The occasional massage has been useful - but then I would do the same for her.) A couple of times I have been to the Chinese massage business in the shopping centre. Middle Cat approves of them. They don't try to do anything other than loosen up tight muscles and get their victims to relax. 
For the most part though I will, if I can, avoid such things.
I have never visited a "naturopath" or an "iridologist" or any other form of "alternative" medicine - and please don't get me even started on "homeopathy". 
But apparently there are people who will take their precious pets to a chiropractor and get them treated for things like "sore shoulders" and get their spines "adjusted".  Yes, mostly dogs - and the occasional cat or horse. The chiropractor in question claims to be able to treat goldfish too. Perhaps he can. I doubt it - but others may believe it. Instinct tells me to stay away from such people. I acknowledge I may be wrong but I will continue to avoid them.
Currently we have an extremely friendly young "willy wagtail" in the garden. He appears to take a great bird-like interest in us. I turned the hose on yesterday to water and he appeared. He darted in and out of the spray for a moment. Then he stood on the lawn and, balancing on one leg, he pulled at the other with his beak. I could see something stuck there. I knew I wasn't going to get close enough to pull whatever it was from him.  All I could do was watch. He worked on it for a little while.
Eventually he gave another little tug and a tiny twig came loose. He gave himself a little shake. Then he darted through the spray again before flying up to the telephone wire and chirruping at me, almost as if to say, "Thanks for the water."
 He didn't need my help.

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