Thursday, 27 April 2017

So Macron's partner is

24 years older than he is? 
I suppose in French politics that will matter less than it would elsewhere but it is something he has kept very quiet up until now.  It seems the French media has kept it very quiet too so I wonder just how little it really matters? 
Muslims in France are, understandably, being told to vote for Macron. In any other political race however he would be condemned for his relationship with his former teacher. Your "private" life is no longer private in politics or public life. Everything you do or say or read or watch or eat becomes of interest.
I remember there were reports here when a previous Prime Minister reportedly passed an ice cream in a cone on to one of his daughters. Then it was reported he had eaten a raw onion. Really? Is that so interesting it has to be reported? Of course it was all part of the media push which helped to oust him.
Politics is rough on marriage. I know our former federal politician reasonably well. I knew him before he went into politics, before he married, and well before he had children. It was hard on him and even harder on his wife who had to do a lot of lone parenting while he was away in the nation's capital. Is it any wonder that he eventually decided to get out? 
I don't know how the women who have children while they are in politics cope. It's all very well saying "equal opportunity" and "women must be allowed to pursue a career" and all the other things that are said about mothers and employment - but how do they do it?
At least Macron's partner is apparently no longer of child bearing age. Her children from a previous relationship are "grown up" - whatever that means when referring to your own children. She can concentrate on being the President's partner.
And that makes me wonder who is really running the race for the it Macron or is it his partner?

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