Wednesday, 12 April 2017

I am ready to do murder

of the possum who thought it was fun to "play" with something on the carport roof last night. 
No, it wasn't the cat who visits from across the road. It was the possum. Possums make a distinctive and very odd noise. This possum was making that noise. It was also skittering across the roof. It sounded as if it was also pushing an avocado stone around. One was probably left on the roof when the possum had eaten the avocado.
I am tired, very tired. I estimate I have had about three hours sleep at the most and I only had about five the night before. That is not enough. I need much more than that.
Once in a very long while the Senior Cat has forgotten to push the button which brings down the carport door - the place where we store his gopher and my tricycle. When he does I get woken by car lights on vehicles leaving the access road on the other side of the street. Most people aren't noisy. I am used to the sound and, even if I am conscious of it in my sleep, I don't wake properly. It is the lights which will wake me.  I growl and make up for it the following night.
But the possum noise was different. It was unusual. It was intermittent. I didn't know if it had stopped and was going to start again or whether it had stopped completely. A couple of times I almost drifted off but was woken again. 
I am too old to do the "all night awake" thing. I need a good sound catnap at night.
So, this morning, I feel vaguely sick. 
I may join the Senior Cat and Brother Cat (currently here) in a catnap after lunch!

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Holly Doyne said...

Ah, and we had "Siebenschlafer" in our attic in Heidelberg. Nasty little critters.

You probably know them as doormice?