Thursday, 13 April 2017

There is a piece by Andrew Bolt

in this morning's paper. For those of you in Upover, Andrew Bolt is a right wing columnist who sets out to be deliberately controversial. His topic today is about the prosecution of a silly individual who called a footballer an "ape" on Facebook. The footballer in question is of indigenous background. I have never met him but, from all accounts, he is a gentleman and a fine football player who is generally liked - unless of course he isn't on your team. 
The silly individual's alleged offence was reported by someone and newsreaders all over the country informed the public of the act. It is now apparently the subject of a major investigation. Mr Bolt is questioning the wisdom of using police resources in this way.
It seems to me it would have been much simpler to simply require the silly individual to take the post down and apologise to the person they were speaking about. That should have been enough. Had someone not made a fuss it is unlikely that the footballer would even have known the remark had been made. He is probably no keener on the matter being pursued than the individual who made the remark.
These sort of things can get out of hand all too easily. I know. I have had a nasty series of anonymous letters over the last twelve months. There have apparently been letters to other people as well. I think I know who is writing them but I don't have absolute proof.  If I had absolute proof though what would I do? 
I wouldn't go to the police. I wouldn't bother with legal action. I'd just confront the individual and demand it stop. In all likelihood that would be enough. In a way such people are worse than the silly individual who puts a name to their words. 
People who do that sort of thing are simply cowards.


kayT said...

I wonder what would happen if you went to the person you suspect of writing nasty letters, and said that you suspect them and that you want it to stop. What do you think the reply would be?

catdownunder said...

In a word? Denial.