Thursday, 2 March 2017

Acrylic yarn and

more acrylic yarn - a kit for a "blanket" in fact.
Our friend P... phoned me yesterday. She  sounding a little flustered which is not like her but she was flying off to Ireland last night, taking an 84yr old fellow nun to see her family for the last time. It's all been a lot of planning and the last thing she needed was someone say, 
      "P....we have some sewing and knitting materials here. Do you know anyone who can use them?"
One of the other nuns went around to pick them up. P.... looked at them and the phoned me, "Cat... "
Of course it would be the day that Middle Cat was not available to go and pick them up but  the neighbour from across the road stepped in and took me down.  He may not have been a Catholic school boy for many years but...
We picked up the blanket kit, some more acrylic yarn, a great bundle of knitting needles, sewing supplies (but no fabric), and some odds and ends. For once it was all neatly packed and very well cared for. Our neighbour dumped it all in our living area and his partner came over and helped me sort it into places to take it or get it taken. 
The person who had all these things was going into a nursing home. She didn't want them any more...or felt she couldn't use them. She must once have been a skilled craftswoman with varied talents. She sewed, embroidered, beaded, knitted and more. The way things were packed suggests she took great care of her belongings. It seems likely she has grandchildren. I wonder what she made for them because she obviously did make things for children. We could guess what football team she supported from a bag she had made and more.
And, although she had freely and willingly passed these things on, it seemed a little intrusive. I hope she is still able to do something with her hands.

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Anonymous said...

I hope I am always able to do something with a needle and thread, making quilts, clothes, bags etc, or reading, or crocheting, or playing on a computer ... something, anything so that I can keep from just wandering and not knowing what to do with myself.

I visited a neighbour this morning who was fidgety. Her daughter and I chatted away, with frequent visits from her mother as she wandered from place to place randomly opening things, or sitting with us or elsewhere for a few moments. She used to do everything ... sewing, embroidery, cook, garden, but now does nothing, partly due to bad sight, partly due to aged fingers, party due to anxiety about family and friends, even if they have just left after a visit, or are due to visit this afternoon but she hasn't heard from them yet.