Sunday, 5 March 2017

Payment by cheque is apparently

less common than it used to be. Someone I know has just commented on FB about being paid by cheque. It was timely.
The Senior Cat still uses a cheque  book occasionally. I still have a chequebook somewhere. It has two cheques left in it. I haven't touched them since I left the hall of residence in the UK all those  years ago. Then I used to write one cheque a month to pay for my hall fees.
The Senior Cat had to give my Nephew Cat some money recently. He suggested paying by cheque. Nephew Cat looked at him in a puzzled sort of way and then said, "I've never even seen a cheque." He probably has but he has certainly never used one. 
But, the Senior Cat is now 94. He still does things the "old way".
It is all rather timely because yesterday one of the other rather senior citizens in the district had to pay me for something - and we had a problem. He "just uses the card". 
He pays for everything by card. He keeps a very small amount of cash in hand - around $20 - but he pays for everything by card. I was about to order him some new jeans over the internet - same style, same size as  before. His niece ordered the last lot but she is in Canada right now. I was putting money on a card I use just for internet purchases. It works like a debit card and there is a very, very limited amount of money on it - enough to purchase whatever item it is and pay the tiny transaction fee. It's useful even though I don't use it often.
We sorted the situation out - cash out, given to me, onto the card at the Post Office just before they closed for the day and then home where I went online and ordered the jeans to be delivered to him.
I must admit it is convenient to be able to do things that way. 
And, when they are delivered, he won't need to wear the pair with the "air-conditioning" in the rear. 
And yes, that was when he said, "I could have given you a cheque Cat."

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