Saturday, 4 March 2017

It seems terrorists can return

to Downunder but we keep a useful teacher out because someone else made an administrative blunder and her visa was not in order.
There is something wrong with this.
Of course Syria doesn't want the terrorists either. I doubt anyone wants them.
What would happen if we put them all on an island somewhere - an island far enough away from everywhere else that they couldn't escape? Food, fuel, medicine, and the like could be air dropped at regular intervals and we could leave them to it. Even with 24 hour surveillance to be sure nobody else tried to rescue them it would be cheaper than having them all in prison.
Would they kill one another off? I don't doubt the place would be violent as they sought to control each other. "Lord of the flies" would probably look like a kindergarten picnic.
It's an interesting thought - to me anyway. 
The idea that people have a "right" to live somewhere is another interesting thought. I supposedly have a "right" to live here. It seems that I would go on having the same right even if I did wrong because I don't have any current right to live in another place. Even if I did have the right to live in another place and I then did a grave wrong I would almost certainly be returned here - unless of course they decided to impose the death penalty. 
I wonder what is going to happen to those people who went off to fight for an "Islamic state". They apparently have the right of return because sometimes it is impossible to prove they have the right to live anywhere else and sometimes they have been born here. Trying to prove they committed atrocities abroad can be equally difficult. Some of them will quite literally get away with murder. What sort of citizens will they make back here? Will they get jobs? The idea that they might settle down and lead humdrum suburban lives going to work each day doesn't seem realistic.
And then we have the teacher. Someone else made an administrative error, a bungle. As a result someone who might help prevent people go off and fight is prevented from doing her job. No, it isn't a matter of "someone else will do her job". It is a matter of "what do we really want?"
The big problem would seem to be that, remote though it is, the residents of Tristan da Cunha don't want to give the place up. Niue has free wi-fi which means the terrorists could continue to exhort violence. Takuu is gradually disappearing under the waves. Raoul perhaps? 
There must be an island somewhere that can take them!


jeanfromcornwall said...

The world turned upside down again.

Anonymous said...

The island solution might work ... how about something off the coast of Antarctica?