Friday, 31 March 2017

It has not been a good week

for many people. 
The neighbour who called the police for us on Tuesday is stressed by a family medical situation which she knows will be resolved but is still taking time and energy to deal with. The people who live in the other half of the duplex have heavy colds. Dealing with two small children in those circumstances is absolutely draining. 
The Senior Cat is still coughing badly although the doctor has assured him he doesn't have pneumonia. I am still coughing.
And of course Tuesday afternoon's intruder did not help any of us.
Yesterday I did something I almost never do. I bought some flowers.
I don't ususally do it for two reasons. I don't buy flowers because I prefer to see flowers in gardens rather than cut and brought inside. They last longer in a garden and more people can enjoy them. It is also something I really can't afford to do.
But I decided yesterday was an exception. There was a "two bunches for..." in the greengrocer of irises - those deep purple-blue Dutch irises. They were still buds. I knew they would take about a day to come out they were so fresh. So, I bought two bunches. There are just a few in each bunch but that's enough.
I took one bunch over to the stressed neighbour as she has been so good to us. That nearly caused tears - of the right sort. 
I made a mistake over the second bunch. I tried to give them to the unhappy person I mentioned a little while back. There was good reason to believe that the situation might have improved slightly but she simply shut the door in my face saying she "didn't want presents from (me)".  
I brought the bunch home. We are enjoying them instead.
And I thought to myself. It hasn't been a good week for us but it has probably been worse for her. I have been surrounded by people who care about us...and she is alone.

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You reap what you sow. Enjoy the flowers.