Tuesday, 21 March 2017

March is a mad month

in this part of Downunder. There are too many things happening!
There are all the official things which include,
(a) a street car race
(b) a horse race
(c) a Festival
(d) a Fringe Festival and

This household ignores (a), (b), and (e). Although Middle Cat is the on-site physiotherapist for (a) both the Senior Cat and I dislike all forms of motorsport. To me there is nothing "sport" about burning fossil fuel, making a lot of noise, and speeding. None of us is in the least interested in horse racing. WOMAD's music does not, on the whole, attract us - well, it doesn't attract the Senior Cat at all and the artists who might attract me are few and far between.
That leaves (c) and (d). 
Now (c) includes Writers' Week. I usually prowl off to this as often as I can. This year I did not get to one single event. Work intervened. I had a funeral to go to the one afternoon I might have been free. The Senior Cat had appointments and Middle Cat was not available to deal with those so I had to deal with them. (Middle Cat is very good about this usually. She says it is her share of caring for him. It was just unavoidable.)  I did get some phone conversations in with a couple of visiting writers and two of them came had coffee with me in the local shopping centre but.... sigh. Next year? 
The nice thing about Writers' Week is that you don't need to pay to go - unless you choose to buy books (and who doesn't need books?)
The other Festival events tend to be very expensive. I can understand why they are - especially those with big international artists. Live theatre, which accounts for much of the Festival, is very expensive to produce. Last year the Senior Cat was recovering from the fall in the bathroom. We didn't go to anything. This year the Senior Cat didn't feel he could handle going to anything. I suspect his nights out are over. Mine are too - for the moment.
The Senior Cat went to a matinee at the Fringe...the conjuring show in which someone he knew and has encouraged was performing. He said it was "okay" but his standards in that area are high. He watches performers like David Copperfield with professional interest. He's made apparatus for performers like Raymond Crowe. He knows what is behind the illusion and he knows about stagecraft. He's taught at least two young performers who will make their living this way.
Did he want to see anything else? No. He couldn't be bothered to make the effort of getting there. I left it at that. He goes to another monthly group and he goes to things associated with his church. 
I was planning on going to a number of Fringe exhibitions but that hasn't happened either. I am not about to pass on my rotten cold to anyone else. 
So the madness which is March has pretty well passed us by this year. Perhaps it is just as well.... I did get a little writing done!

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