Saturday 1 December 2018

Cake cooking

is not really my "thing". I rarely do it. 
This morning I had to do something because it is a group's "Christmas party" of the "bring a plate" type.  I was already taking cornbread. (This is cornbread with vegetables in it - a meal in itself.)
But, several very elderly members of the group simply can't do anything any more. One of them cannot even get to a shop to buy something, cut it up and put it on a plate. It worries her. She feels guilty about not providing something.
When she said this to me recently I told her not to worry. I would see to it that she contributed something - via me. 
No, that isn't "good" of me at all. I just know how she feels. There were times when I was at university and had no access to a kitchen and had to rely on trying to find something nice to take to a shared meal. It isn't easy. Whatever you get looks as if you haven't made an effort.  That's uncomfortable. It didn't matter that I had no kitchen at the time or that my elderly friend can't get to the baker or the supermarket.
So, this morning I made cake. It is just plain ordinary cake. I have put icing on top and then gold and silver coloured sprinkles. I hope that it looks festive. I suppose people will eat it.
It is going to be hot and windy and I would actually prefer a salad. 
Why do I put myself through this sort of thing?


Jan Jones said...

That's was. We do it because we care.

Jan Jones said...

Not 'was'. 'Easy'. Sigh.