Sunday, 21 April 2019

Dyeing eggs red

is not something I would normally contemplate but it is Easter and T... and H... across the road need something. They are still young enough to think of Easter as "fun". 
Their mother is not keen on them getting a lot of chocolate - some yes, but not a lot. I discussed this with her and we both thought that red dyed eggs would be interesting. They won't have seen one before. They can eat the egg later in the day.
Middle Cat's MIL P..... used to do these. She was Greek Orthodox and the dyed eggs are a traditional part of the culture and traditions surrounding Easter.  P.... would make them for us as well as her family.  It was one of those things she insisted on Middle Cat learning to do - and me too. 
P....taught me about Greek Cypriot style cooking. I am not as good as Middle Cat but my BIL reckons my pastitsio is as good as his mother's. I am not sure about that. P.... was a very good cook. 
And  yes, there were the eggs.
"Computer S..." as we call the man who helps me out with computer issues is also Greek by descent although not from Cyprus. He sent me the instructions for his mother's Easter eggs. They are much fancier  because you decorate them by dyeing them with leaves and other objects and leave the pattern on the egg. 
I sent a message back saying I was interested but I thought I might stick to doing what I know this time at least.
I know the significance of the eggs (new life) and I know the significance of the red (the blood of Christ) but I wonder how many people who go out and buy chocolate eggs think of that.
I took some tiny eggs to a meeting yesterday. They were left over from something else. I just put them on the table where afternoon tea is served without saying anything. There is nobody in the group who is Muslim or Jewish. I suspect most people don't go to church.
The eggs disappeared gradually through the afternoon. Did anyone think about the significance of them? I'll never know.
We are going to Middle Cat's home for the evening meal. I'll take some eggs. We will share them. We know the significance of them but they are also a reminder of P... and other people who are no longer with us. They are reminder of the way P.... brought up her children to help make them what they are today.
Chocolate eggs may be very nice but it is the real eggs dyed with red that matter. 

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