Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Finding the right person to do

something can obviously mean the difference between success and failure.

Some years ago I was "head hunted" for a small task. I was not flattered as it was a rather nasty task. The person running the project asked me as she thought I was the person who would know how to do all that was required. As it was I didn't but I knew where to get help and I was willing to pass the skills I had on. We ended up with something of mutual value.

I have been thinking about this over the last few days. I am not a medical doctor and a doctor has been needed. The doctor in question is a very busy woman but she is making time to support a father who has lost his only child. In turn I have been able to give one of her colleagues some help. That means he can give one of the families he works with the help they need. That's been good for me too. It's helped me feel as if there  is something positive in life after all.

And when the complete stranger arrived with seven packs of yarn I suspect he felt he had found the right person or place or project to give something back to others who had helped him. In turn I had to go looking for help. I needed the right person.

In trying to do that I asked someone I know. She runs a genuinely amazing group of knitters and other people who constantly make things for charity. It's a big task. She coordinates it right across the state. The work they do has restored some of my faith in humanity. So, could P... help? Well, she would try - and she has - but did I know about....?  No, I didn't.

P... put me in touch with T..... and this morning I woke to more people saying they were willing to help knit up the yarn which has been donated. It's what these people do as a group. I didn't know they existed. It seems they have just been quietly getting on with the job of making warm blankets for people in need. Yes, they tell me, of course they are interested in helping.

I was worried because a group I thought would be very interested has not been willing to help. This has been so even though it would have been to their advantage as well. It's a sad reflection on the leadership of that group but there is nothing I can do about that. Fortunately asking for help somewhere else has changed everything.

It would seem I have found the right people, the right people to do the job. It makes all the difference. 


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