Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Vaccine passports are being

hotly debated right now. I know people who still refuse to get vaccinated.

"We don't know what's in it," someone told me again yesterday. She will soon be out of a job if she continues to refuse to be vaccinated. Her work in aged care means she  is required to be vaccinated but she is resisting as long as she can. 

In every other way this person is one of the better workers in aged care. She is popular with the residents and, I think, with the other staff. This does not stop her from trying to avoid vaccination. 

Her excuses that the available vaccines were "hurried" and that she doesn't know what is in them are things I have tried to counter. The vaccines were not "hurried". What happened was that the scientific community actually worked together instead of apart as they usually do. Does she know what goes into other vaccines? Well no, but....  I doubt anything I say will convince her. The loss of her job might convince her to take this seriously.

And those vaccine passports? I have a vaccine passport of a sort - a small card acknowledging that I had my annual 'flu vaccination. It is a legal requirement before I can visit the Senior Cat in the residence. Nobody wants influenza raging through the residence. 

I often wonder how difficult it would be to set up a vaccine passport. I can see something similar to a licence to drive or my "proof of age" card - something with a photograph, a name and a certification that "X" has been immunised. Would this be expensive or difficult? 

If there was the added ability to scan this card at any point then surely that is all that is needed. Yes, of course it means that "the government" would know where we had been but does that really matter? I am not doing anything illegal. Nobody I know would be anywhere or doing anything illegal. It is highly unlikely that anyone really wants to spy on us in that way. It is nothing like the tracking of our every move on the internet. Nobody is likely to even bother unless a Covid19 positive person goes to one of those venues - and then we need to know in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

If this is the sort of thing that is holding us back from a more "normal" lifestyle then I am happy to do as I am asked. I want to get out more freely. I want to visit family and friends without having to worry about signing in, wearing a mask, whether there will be too many people and so much more. Is a vaccine passport requirement really an invasion of privacy or is it actually going to provide more privacy than we now have?


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LMcC said...

I agree, especially with your last paragraph which expresses things well.

I've never given a thought to what goes into the flu injection, but have one annually. Ditto all the other injections, and medicines when they are needed.

As for the Government looking to check on what we do, it has been frequently pointed out that commercial enterprises know a great deal about us from data collected on our phones - much more than the Government collects.