Saturday, 13 July 2019

I nearly got killed yesterday

- and it was not my fault, genuinely not my fault.
I was on the footpath waiting to cross the road when a car swerved on to the footpath. It missed the front tyre of my trike  by no more than a few centimetres. It knocked the shopping bag of the person who was standing just next to me.
And the driver simply carried on despite the car horns and the shouts. The driver was simply too busy using a mobile phone while he hurried off to wherever it was so important to be.
I don't know if anyone got his number or pulled him over. (There is never a police car around when you need one.) I was too busy helping someone pick up their shopping. Broken eggs make a mess. We were both shaking. Someone else pulled over in their car and came to see if we were okay. She was lovely. I said I'd be fine but....
     "Were you walking? I'll take you home in the car but I'll get you some more eggs first. Is everything else all right?"
I waited until the elderly woman was safely in the car. She still looked far too pale. 
    "I'll see her right into the house. Do you know her?"
I do actually. I know where she lives, not the number but the house. I told her which street it was in and told her what the house is like.
     "Thanks. And you will be okay?"
I was. I am. I am but I am still shaken. I haven't told the Senior Cat what happened. It would worry him. He worries anyway. 
I don't blame him for worrying. We could easily have been killed. It is a wonder we weren't injured, that my little set of wheels wasn't damaged beyond repair.
People scattered again fairly quickly. It was one of those "almost" events that leaves everyone shaken for a moment. Things quickly return to normal for most people because it hasn't happened to them.
I am wondering how the elderly woman is today. I don't know her well and I don't want to fuss. Perhaps I will leave a note in the letter box. 


Jan said...

That must have been very frighteningand I can understand how shaken you both would be. A note would be ideal as something tangible for her to have.

A car crashed into the entrance of a Coles store here yesterday. How no one was hurt was amazing. That car driver could not continue but I know of instances where the same happened as to you. I saw a girl texting as she crossed a wide, busy road. Not pedestrian crossing and she just wandered all over the road, narrowly missing being mown down by a semi trailer.

Take care today and for the next few days. Shock can take a while to come on and to go.

southern gal said...

Oh my dear!
So horrible to have to go thru that. I do hope you take a few days easy. Shock will set in later and you need to take care.

I also hope someone reported it. Maybe they took a photo of the car. If you can remember the type of car and describe the driver perhaps you should report it. I would have called the police Immediately. But even the next day you can still report it. Perhaps there is a cctv came nearby the police can access. You never know

Please reach out to the other woman as I am sure you are going to do

My thoughts are with you. Please report back To let us know how it goes

Momkatz said...

So grateful that you and your neighbor weren't killed. A near miss of a few centimeters is terrifying. I agree with Jan and Southern Gal: try to take it easy for a few days and report the incident to the police (hoping for cctv camera(s) too.
Big Sister Cat

Judy B said...

There is one driver who should not have a license or be allowed to own a car! Take care of yourself, Cat!

catdownunder said...

I wrote a note and took it around but saw the woman's daughter who said her mother was okay - but still feeling a bit shaken.
I'm okay - just bounce a bit at sudden noises.
Nobody got anything on the car unfortunately and there are no speed or other cameras at that point either. I just hope he is caught before he kills someone.

Judy B said...

Maybe he realises what he nearly did and will leave the phone alone in the future, but he should have stopped.