Wednesday, 24 July 2019

"Nicole" from the National Broadband Network

has been really busy lately. I really don't know how she has time to eat, let alone sleep. And how does she have time to call all those other people as well?
In between the phone calls from her I had more than one from No Name who keeps telling me that she is doing a survey about "important issues" relating to this state. 
I keep simply hanging up on both of them. I know the first is not legitimate. "Nicole" is busy phoning other people as well. I answered the same call in the home of an elderly friend recently. "Nicole" has been bothering her too. 
    "I am tempted to press the button and tell her I am calling the police but her friends are probably in Russia," she told me. E.... knows full well it is a scam of some sort.
The other call might be legitimate but I never answer "surveys" of that sort over the phone. They are allowed under the "Do Not Call" scheme but they could still be a scam. A person could still find themselves giving away information which should not be given away.
I thought of all this again because yesterday I received a "new pin number" from the bank. Now yes it was legitimate. My new debit card arrived a couple of days ago. I was expecting the letter. But I had already been to the bank and dealt with the pin number issue. It is possible, indeed highly desirable, to choose your own pin number - providing of course that you do not choose something like "1234" or "4321". 
I am waiting however for the day when some evil individual out there manages to produce an entirely legitimate sounding survey about PINs and passwords.
People will answer it. I know they will. 

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