Saturday, 24 November 2018

We are going to be invaded

shortly  - if the weather permits.
My brother 'phoned from the giant metropolis on the east coast to warn us that there may be a delay to the invasion. The wind there has been as bad as the wind here - no, not a hurricane or a tornado but apparently bad enough. There was only one runway open at the airport and that meant there was a backlog to clear. 
Such weather events must be a nightmare scenario for the air-traffic controllers. They have one of the most stressful jobs on the planet as it is.
I know my niece will have things for her kittens and her niece and nephew to do. She's very organised like that. Still you don't really want small kittens to be waiting longer than actually necessary.
It makes me think that, by the time they do get here the new "activity packs" may be welcomed even more by the parents than the kittens. I have packed food (the "wrong" sort of course - there are "jelly babies" and chocolate and biscuits in there) and colouring in books (with pencils AND a sharpener) and some small stamp kits and some card making materials and other odds and ends for the little kittens to get to work on.   It has all gone into a coloured re-usable shopping bag - a different colour for each kitten. If I have the colours "wrong" then too bad.
The Senior Cat has  been busy too. Teach them a magic trick? Of course.
What to teach them? It has to be very simple. They are only here until Monday for one family and Tuesday for the other. There is a lot else they want to do but they want to do something with their great-grandfather. It's a big thing to come and see him. 
My brother and I discussed this and we hope that the eldest two, now 9 and 8 will remember him quite clearly. The 7 and 6 year old kittens might also remember him, particularly the 6yr old - a very thoughtful and rather serious girl. The 4 year old might not but there will be photographs and video of  her with him.
Getting them here when he can no longer travel to them has required a good deal of planning.
This morning I consulted the airport website  and things do not look as bad as had been feared. Still, it will be a very rough flight. I would not  be a happy cat in the air. 
But I am a happy cat at the thought of the kittens and the Senior Cat playing together.

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Momkatz said...

When I was a little kitten we went to Iowa every summer to stay with my great grandfather and great grandmother. I was 5 when he died. I have vivid memories of him, not many, but I treasure those memories. I think even the youngest kittens will have some memories. The videos and pictures will be priceless.
Big Sister Cat