Monday 20 January 2020

Ideas which prevent sleep

are not good ideas - or are they?
I was trying to meet a deadline last week. It was something I had been given very little time to do. This was not my fault but the fault of someone else who was simply not organised. I find that sort of thing extremely irritating, especially when people take the attitude, "But you don't go to work Cat. You've got plenty of time."
Answer to that one? I don't actually leave the house to go to work but I do still work. I have very little time to spare. I need to be organised to get things done."
But, back to the ideas. Someone else phoned while I was out. For once the Senior Cat actually heard the phone and managed to answer it. When I returned he said, "P....phoned. She will call you back later."
Suspecting where P... was and what she was likely to want I called her back instead. I was right about where she was but what she wanted turned out to be a little more complex.
    "Think about it please," she told me.
We are meeting this morning to discuss what might be done. It will be a little extra work now but less work later so I don't mind at all. Still I needed to come up with at least one idea that might work as a substitute for what can no longer happen. Hmmm......
My thinking time for such things usually takes place if I am pedalling to the shops or the library or somewhere else. It takes place if I am not thinking about what the hero or the heroine or some other character might be doing.  It is a bit like serious writers going on a "plot walk" I suppose. 
Somehow though this time I ended up waking up in the middle of the night and thinking about ideas. That doesn't usually work well. I need my extended cat naps at night. Unlike real cats I do not get a cat nap during the day. 
I also find that night time ideas like that often look much less attractive in the morning light. There is almost always some major flaw in them. 
This time however I thought of the flaw in the middle of the night. It is not insurmountable but it will involve a certain amount of cooperation. If we can get the current enthusiasm for helping others in the bush/wild fire recovery efforts to keep going then I think we can deal with it.
The only problem with all that thinking was that I then started to think about how to write the whole thing up. Do I say this or do I say that?
What I should just have done is got up and written it. I might have gone back to sleep then.

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