Friday, 10 January 2020

The smoke from the fires

burning across Kangaroo Island has well and truly reached us now. Recently we had smoke from the other major fire in the hills behind us. There was a smoky haze all over the city. In our area it was like a light fog - or showed that way at the end of the street.
This morning it is even worse. It is difficult to breathe. We haven't had the usual "gully winds" which might have cleared the air a bit. What must it be like for the people much closer to the fires? 
I went out and refilled the old bird bath top we now leave at ground level. Almost immediately a young koala appeared and took a long drink. This is an indication of how dry it has been. Koalas usually get enough liquid from the gum leaves they eat. This summer they are actively looking for water. 
When I am using the hose it is not at all unusual for the birds to fly through the spray. They are coming much closer than usual and will drink wherever water is dripping. I have never seen kookaburras so close. It isn't normal. 
The smoke haze must be affecting all of them too. It is easy to forget that in the midst of our concerns about people.
I have been working with a knitting colleague on the other side of the world. We have designed two patterns for two beanies. One will go up on her website and I will endeavour to distribute the other here. The idea is to sell the patterns and hope that people will knit items for fire related charities.
We decided that it made sense to support the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park. If they can rebuild and reopen then yes it will help the wildlife but it will also have a flow on effect. It will help the people who work there - financially and mentally. It will also help with starting to rebuild the island's tourist industry - on which it relies. It was the multi-purpose sort of project I was looking for. I know what, if anything, we raise will be a tiny amount in terms of what is needed but I hope it will also allow others who can't afford to give much make one small thing and feel they are doing something to help.
I'll let you know when the patterns are available and how to get them.


Anonymous said...

Morning Cat
I'm in when you release the pattern. What is another WIP between friends. :-)
I took 3 trolley loads of requested items to a drop off point near where I live yesterday, donated by my work colleagues and myself. They will go across to Kangaroo Island on the next truck. The little things add up..... LT

Momkatz said...

I'm in, too, Cat. I want to do my bit. Big Sister Cat