Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Visiting the doctor

is not fun. I have to prowl off shortly to see our GP - hopefully it will be just a routine visit.
Middle Cat took the Senior Cat to see the same person yesterday. Getting the Senior Cat there is an effort these days - for him as well as Middle Cat.
    "I wonder if anyone does house visits these days?" Middle Cat said with a sigh. Nobody at the clinic we go to would even consider such a thing. They wouldn't consider it more than twenty years ago. I know. On one occasion I had to bundle both parents into a taxi because they were too ill to drive and really should not even have been out of the house.
There is an expectation that everyone has a car and can drive. It will take me at least twenty-five minutes to pedal to the clinic. Grrrr... and it will be getting warmer  by the time I leave to come home. 
But...at least we can get to the doctor. I pointed this out to the Senior Cat.
    "If you had just been burnt out and the clinic had been too..."   
He nodded and thought of a few more things, simple things.
    "I needed a pencil a moment ago. I just  took it from the desk and that reminds me..."
He handed over some new stationery we had bought recently. I can drop it off this morning along with the new coloured pencils I told someone I was buying for the children in the family she has been helping. 
After all, if  you are just six and eight you can't go back to school without coloured pencils can you? Such things might not seem essential to adults but, if I remember correctly, they are incredibly comforting if you are young.

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