Friday, 17 January 2020

Writing a knitting pattern

is not easy. It also takes time. I do not like doing it.
I have been writing one of late. It is for a simple "beanie" (woolly hat without a brim) with a pattern of koala bears around the edge. 
I had to knit  the hat of course. This is one of the things that makes writing a knitting pattern so time consuming.
Before that I needed to design the chart I used to knit the koalas. Now I know what a koala looks like don't I? It should be easy shouldn't it?
It wasn't of course. I had no idea where to start. I looked at photographs of koalas. Yes, I did know what a koala looked like. I thought about it as I shifted the hose, cooked meals, pedalled to the library and more. I charted one and knitted a sample. No, not right. Why? 
Koala paws are important. Paws with claws are what help koalas climb to the very top of their gum trees. The paws were not right. I tried again...and again. 
Eventually I managed something I thought would work. I did what I always do and reversed the image. If you do that it will often tell you if something is wrong. This time it told me something else. I needed the koalas to "look at one another". It doubled the size of the motif. Was it going to be too big?
I did the arithmetic. Knitting involves quite a lot of basic arithmetic. (I keep telling the Senior Cat this when he thinks I have done something clever. It isn't clever at all. It is a matter of doing the arithmetic.) I sent the chart off to my friend L.... in Scotland. She played with it and came up with another idea. I liked it but the chart was too wide for what I had planned. We agreed and she set to work to write a different pattern. (It's lovely because she added a kangaroo and a kookaburra - something you can do if the yarn is finer.)
I knitted the hat writing down what I did as I knitted it. I wrote it up. I emailed my good friend W... who knits a great many hats. I asked her, "Could you possibly look at this?"  W....did better than that. She knitted another one.  
I am off to see a friend this morning. She is good at photographing knitting. Hopefully we will have a picture of two hats. 
And we might need it because while I was briefly out yesterday P... left a message with the Senior Cat. I called her back and we discussed something unexpected. It involves using the hat pattern. I had better have it absolutely right.
I think I have said something clearly but it always amazes me how someone else can read it differently.
Pattern writing is not easy.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your pattern Cat

Scrimcat said...

I am looking forward to that pattern as well, a koala hat sounds good to me!