Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Privacy in respect to some things

is something I suspect most people value.
I know I do.
Middle Cat says I am a "very private" person. Maybe or maybe not. I do know there are things I don't want the entire world to know. It irritates me no end when Middle Cat tells people things I do not want them to know. It irritates me when she tries to organise my life. I know she does this to everyone but...
Yesterday was one of those days. She was on the phone at, for her, an unusually early hour. She was full of suggestions. I told her "no"  and "no" and "no". I refused to listen to the "you're no fun" and "I'm only trying to help". 
    " coming to spend the morning here," I told her eventually - something I hadn't really wanted her to know until afterwards. I was worried Middle Cat might want to come and give J... well meant but unwanted advice.
    "Well, afternoon..."
    "No, there are things which must be get milk and go to the chemist and the bank for the Senior Cat...and the post office to send off something to a friend in the US." 
I didn't tell her I was going to the library as well. I wanted to pick up a book and return seven the Senior Cat and I had finished with.
We left it with her threatening, "I'll be around later." 
J... came and helped me sort out a very tangled skein of yarn. We talked about knitting. She talked to the Senior Cat and made him laugh. That was good.
And I did, with planning, manage to get other things done. It was New Year's Eve busy in the shops - as if they would be closed for a week, not just a day.
Middle Cat appeared as I was getting the Senior Cat's evening snack ready. She was still full of things I should be doing. I ignored them. The Senior Cat ignored them. 
My New Year resolution is to try and ignore Middle Cat's suggestions some, perhaps most, of the time. I don't want everyone to know what I am doing.


kayT said...

Thinking of you tonight reading about the fires in your country, hoping you and all those you care about are safe.

catdownunder said...

thankyou - I can smell smoke but the fires are some distance away and not as bad here as they are in two other states.