Thursday, 22 January 2009

Better world? Books and Obama

It seems everyone is hailing President Obama as the saviour of the world's problems. I feel sorry for the man. He is, after all, human. He is bound to make mistakes however hard he tries. Some things will be out of his control whatever he does. If he succeeds at some things he will fail at others and, human nature being what it is, he will be criticised more than he is praised and remembered for his failures rather than his successes.
This is, of course, assuming that he actually manages to complete his presidency. Of all the presidents to date he has to be the one at highest risk of assassination. He has a wife and two children and they must also be at risk of kidnap and assassination. I feel sorry for them as well.
Of course, as President, you are powerful - but perhaps not as powerful as some believe. You do get your name in the history books. Most of the rest of us will live in obscurity even when we have done some extraordinary things.
But, better world? Well there is also Betterworld Books. It's a rather large book place on the 'net. I found it searching for something else of course. It may not be beloved of all booksellers as it sells second hand books but, for the out of print material, it is useful It also sends highly amusing messages to your e-mail when you order something. No doubt they irritate some people but it suggests their workforce has a sense of purpose as well as humour....after all they are attempting to recycle books for the benefit of not just the buyer and the seller but the world literacy effort as a whole. It's an effort I have to support. The new bookshelves are already being double stacked but I'll find a home for a few more I need.

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