Monday, 19 January 2009

More Books

I have found books I did not know we had. No, I have not forgotten about them. I did not know about them. I am not sure where they came from.
There is a book on origami. My father is interested in origami - the sort of occupation he can pursue indoors in the heat. It appeals to his workshop, I must fiddle, construction, problem solving side. He will play happily with that over the rest of the summer, along with a book that said 'tea-bag folding' but would appear to be an origami type craft.
When it gets too hot to knit (which it already is) then I will concentrate more on writing, not just work related writing but another novel.
Vanessa at Fidra says she is actually going to read what I wrote. It is impossible to judge your own work so I hope I will not be wasting her time and that she enjoys it. In this economic climate this blog is the closest I will come to being 'published'. Am I 'published' if nobody reads it?

I should read more philosophy but there is so much else to read as well. I made a start on the Amazonian book last night. Anyone who deliberately sets off for a life of such discomfort with the notion of 'saving souls' is, at best, arrogant. The current debate in the Advertiser letter pages suggests that the age old religious debate over "I am right and you are wrong" is as lively and illogical as ever. In the instance of the Amazonian tribe in question, why would God deny them the necessary concepts in their own language and lifestyle to allow for conversion?

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